Taxiway SC-U Extension


KEY Engineering Group, Inc. as part of a joint venture team with Ascend, designed the upgrade to the South Airfield Lighting Vault associated with the extension of the Taxiway SC-U to accommodate the new circuits and a new switchgear. The proposed dual connector taxiways, referred to as Taxiways “SC” and “U” are part of the necessary airfield improvements to connect the Runway 10-28 complex with the CPTC area. Taxiways “SC” and “U” are basically extensions of the existing Sierra Charlie and Sierra Juliet Taxiways and will extend to the north across Runways 9R-27L and 9L-27R effectively connecting Taxiway Romeo with Taxiway Lima. This project has been planned for several years as a way to save time and finances for aircraft that land or take-off on Runway 10-28, currently in the construction phase.

It was proposed and accepted that the existing, but expanded, South Airfield Lighting Vault (SALV) would house six new Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) that would be required to energize the taxiway lighting and guidance signs on Taxiways “SC” and “U” extensions from the north edge of Taxiway “R” to the south edge of Taxiway “L”. The CCRs are proposed to be 15 KW, free standing, air cooled, FAA Specified L-828 regulators with a 480 volt single phase primary input voltage and a 6.6 amp output. Each unit will be designed as a Style 3 (5 Step) unit with tap settings which will allow each CCR to be adjusted down to the level of a 4 KW unit to provide for maximum economy and power factor.

Within the scope of this system upgarde, KEY evaluated and proposed a recommendation for an upgrade to the existing electrical switchgear that was approaching its life expectancy. KEY developed a sequence of operations that would allow for a smooth transition from existing to new facilities with limited disruption to normal operations.