Maynard Holbrook Jackson Blvd for MHJIT


KEY under a JV opportunity designed the power to the illumination system and signage for the roadways, providing access and egress to/from the new Maynard Holbrook-Jackson International Terminal and its associated facilities. This design included an automated lighting control scheme to allow for smooth roadway illumination with very little human interference as well as maximizing energy efficiency. The power was broken into five main sections and independently sourced from two separate and independent feeds via appropriately sized utility transformers with a tie-in, allowing for smooth automatic transfer in the event of one source failure. Along with the roadway system we were assigned the task to illuminate flagpoles along the approach system from Loop into the elevated ramp leading to the new terminal. This project was uniquely challenging in that it required detailed load and voltage drop calculations to accommodate the various legs of the distribution system that varied due to terrain limitation.