Escravos Runway 13-31 Rehabilitation Project

project background

The Escravos runway is located in the Delta area and owned and operated by Chevron Nigeria Ltd and the  Nigeria National Petroleum Company. The runway is about 40years old and underwent a partial rehabilitation and extension in late 1990s. The runway in experiencing increased maintenance due to pavement distress such as potholes and low to high severity fatigue cracking. The runway also has poor drainage due to inadequate runoff from the surface of the pavement. Water from the runway is not able to reach existing drainage ditches that run parallel to the runway on both sides. KEY Engineering Group(KEY) was hired to provide a detailed engineering report of the pavement and drainage problems and develop a methodology for short term(within 2years) and long term solution of addressing the problems.

project Approach

KEY performed on site visual inspection. A testing consultant was hired to collect core & soil samples of areas specified by KEY; samples were analyzed and report submitted to KEY for evaluation. After evaluation KEY submitted a report to owner and after consultation a detailed design was authorized for a minimum 20 years fix