Airfield Lighting As-Builts


Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Airfield Lighting System is a complex system composed of thousands of lights, hundreds of guidance signs, hundreds of manholes, high voltage electrical distribution and an Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System.  Without adequate and comprehensive documentation of all these components, it’s extremely challenging to maintain existing system as well as develop designs to accommodate construction activities meeting the requirements for continuous airfield changes.  The scope of this project is to develop a comprehensive Airfield Lighting As-Built document as recommended in AC 150/5340-26B that identifies complete circuit routing for each circuit, all light fixtures, signs, manholes, hand holes, pull boxes and light bases.  As-Built documentation shall include surveyed data for all lights, signs and structures provided in airport grid coordinates.  A base map shall be developed illustrating airfield lighting layout utilizing surveyed information.   This base map shall include a layering methodology that is approved by DOA.  DOA will provide any existing layout and/or drawings to be utilized where applicable for the development of this base map.

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